OVERHEAD LINES (400, 220 AND 110 KV)

CGES AD manages the grid which is composed of over 1300km of overhead lines (total length of overhead lines on Montenegro’s territory and which are property and fixed asset of CGES is 1239,58km), 24 substations and switchgears on voltage levels of 400kV, 220kV and 110kV.

CGES performs the activity of electricity transmission in Montenegro through the grid on 400 kV, 220 kV and 110 kV voltage level, performs the function of electric power system control, function of maintenance and grid development.

Total transformation power of Montenegro’s grid is 3359MVA MVA (with totally 46 transformer units).

Three electric power plants are connected to the grid:

§  TPP Pljevlja – 218.5 MW (257 MVA), connected to 220 kV grid in SS Pljevlja 2,

§  HEPP Piva – 3 x 114 MW (3 x 120 MVA), connected to 220 kV grid, and

§  HEPP Perućica - 5 x 38 (5 x 40 MVA) + 2 x 58.5 MW (2 x 65 MVA), connected to 110 kV grid.



Total installed power is 947 MVA (867 MW).

In the last few years, Elektroprenos did a lot on improvement of Montenegrin by constructing and commissioning some very important facilities: 

§  overhead line 400kV Podgorica 2 - Albania (length 29,4 km on Montenegro’s territory);

§  construction of SS 110/35kV, 2x20MVA Virpazar and its connection to the grid by connecting to the overhead line 110kV Podgorica 2 – Virpazar; 

§  extension of 400 and 110 kV plants in Ribarevine and installation of transformation 400/110kV, 150MVA;

§  reconstruction of SS 110/35/10kV Andrijevica by constructing new 110 kV plant, by increasing the transformation from existing power of 10 MVA to 30 MVA and its connection to overhead line 110 kV traction substation Trebješica-Berane according to “input-output” principle;

§  construction of new SS 110/10kV, 63MVA Podgorica V, and overhead line 110kV Podgorica V- KAP I (so called T connection on line KAP I);

§  extension of SS 220/110/35kV Mojkovac with construction of new 220 kV plant and construction of connecting overhead lines 220 and 110 kV in front of SS Mojkovac (commissioned on 01.08.2013);

§  construction of cable line 110k V Podgorica III - Podgorica V, with length of about 3,5 km (commissioned on 17.12.2013); 

It is in progress the implementation of several projects:

§  Displacement of section of overhead line 110kV Nikšić - Bileća from the Dragova Luka region with length of about 6,5 km; 

§  Construction of new SS 110/35/10kV (plants 110kV and transformations 110/35kV, 2x20MVA) Kotor (Škaljari);

§  Construction of overhead line 110kV Tivat – Kotor, with length of 7,5 km.

Electricity from the grid, except the distribution consumption, is taken over also by direct consumers:

§  Kombinat Aluminijuma Podgorica

§  Željezara Nikšić

§  Željeznička infrastruktura Crne Gore AD Podgorica