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Oct 28, 2016 Press Releases


At its ordinary session held on 26 October this year, CGES Board of Directors unanimously adopted a nine-month Operating statement and financial statement for the same period.

Agenda for II Meeting of Board of Directors addressed significant topics relating to the activity and operation of this electric power company such as Report on the implementation of investment plan, Grid Code, Methodology for setting a fee for connection to electricity transmission system, etc.


Mar 06, 2016 Press Releases


The resolve of Crnogorski elektroprenosni sistem to be socially responsible company interweaving such activities in all segments of the overall business operation comes as a result of a longstanding experience in this field, as well as a firm position that it does a good thing. The correctness of this business policy is affirmed by the public, i.e. acknowledges that this electric power company received during 2015 for the social philanthropy projects.


Since the very beginning of its development, our company has taken care of social community to which it belongs. In this respect, support to the development of Montenegrin sport is important part of socially responsible operations of CGES. This electric power company, among other things, has continuously invested in sport and sporting events. Supporting sport at the highest level, Crnogorski elektroprenosni sistem is always associated with the best, therefore, in 2015 it continued cooperation with the Women’s Handball Club “Budućnost”, which represents Montenegrin brand achieving extraordinary sporting results.

Besides, we are proud to be sponsor of Water Polo Swimming Association of Montenegro.

Supporting heathy lifestyles, we helped NGO “Association for Development of Children and Young People - Fair Play” to participate in Đetić league in futsal and “League of Young People” in basketball for children, which took place on 13 June 2015 in Sports Centre “Morača”. We must not forget support in holding athletic race “Liberation of Podgorica”.

CGES has implemented its socially responsible operations in all area of life, particularly in part representing the most vulnerable members of Montenegrin community – children. In this respect, CGES has directed some care and attention in the form of equipping male department towards Children’s Home “Mladost” from Bijela, as the only institution in Montenegro dealing with taking care of children deprived of parental care as well as those obstructed by family situation.

Donation to Children’s Hospital reaffirms our resolve to be socially responsible company. Being aware of all challenges our health services are facing, we have opted for Paediatrics Department “A” consisting of the most vulnerable group of patients – children. Feeling sympathy for the “little patients”, this donation has provided them much better conditions in which they dwell during treatment. Thus we have sent a clear message that this electric power company shows sensibility towards those who most need help.     

We are particularly sensitive to disabled persons and institutions taking care of these members of our social community. Here too is recognized our humanity. Note donation for interactive board to “Resource Centre” in Kotor.

Taking continuous care of environmental protection which is an integral part of its everyday operations, Crnogorski elektroprenosni sistem has donated 30 houses for falcon nesting to CZIP. In early October, on the occasion of marking European Bird Watching Day, houses for nesting were prepared and birds were ringed. Analysing positions of all overhead lines in Montenegro before the commencement of the project with CZIP, Crnogorski elektroprenosni sistem selected a significant number of tower locations suitable for bird nesting. Following the practice in the countries of European Union, overhead lines which are away from usual bird nesting places were taken into consideration so as to encourage these rare birds to make nests on the overhead lines as well. Since the installation of houses is planned away from cliffs and traditional places in which these birds make nests, we expect nesting of all falcon species in Montenegro and some species of owls as well.  

CGES supported the project “Young People for the Green Montenegro” within their action “Donate Wood to Podgorica” organized by the Forum of MNE. The action took place on 4 December last year in park – forest “Zlatica”, whereby CGES promoted its social responsibility.

Besides, on the day of the action was placed a donator board with a nameplate of our company on it, which besides other institutions, organization and citizens granted a donation for seeding, thus showing its care for environmental protection.

We must not forget financial support in organizing VII International Festival “Bridges Connecting People”, which was granted by CGES to NGO “Tara”.

In past year, we devoted our attention to various social events such as festivals of puppetry, music, act and other cultural and art activities.

Recognizing us as a friend, International Puppetry Festival was given our support last year too since CGES perceived the real values of such projects bestowed to the youngest people of our community for four successive years, the best puppetry shows being recognized as the best performances in the region.

This is not all. We also supported Cultural Education Centre “Little Stars” from Podgorica within the implementation of the project “Little Stars with you for 30 years”.

Besides, our company granted one-time aids to many pedagogical and educational institutes, as well as to talented individuals deserving social attention helping them during schooling and professional development outside our country.

Mar 09, 2016 Press Releases


CGES network increasingly more secure, investments amounting to 50 million euros in this year


Portal Analitika, 02.03.2016

Nov 10, 2015 Press Releases


Crnogorski elektroprenosni sistem and PI Resource Center for education and rehabilitation of persons with hearing and speech disorders in Kotor marked the donation of interactive whiteboard by our electric power company to the mentioned institution.



The Resource Center is the only institution in Montenegro dealing with problems of hearing and speech. By its donation, CGES completed the necessary electrical-technical support to preschool children which have an installed cochlear implant. The interactive whiteboard has a multiple use and will allow to children to rehabilitate and acquire knowledge from the program intended for this age in the most simple and efficient way. Borislav Kašćelan, Director of the PI Resource Center for education and rehabilitation of persons with hearing and speech disorders, emphasized at the event: “I use this opportunity to thank to Crnogorski elektroprenosni sistem on behalf of the children and personnel for this valuable donation which has a particular importance. This category of children mostly acquires knowledge visually due to impaired visual and acoustic balance, and the interactive whiteboard represents the most favorable mean for such type of rehabilitation and education”. The company CGES stays devoted to the concept of socially responsible business in which is particularly accented a significant dose of sensibility regarding handicapped persons and institutions taking care about these members of our society. “This time our choice in the part of social responsibility was not accidentally the Resource Centar in Kotor, because this is the only institution in Montenegro dealing with persons with hearing and speech disorders. Keeping in mind of all this, as also the fact that these children follow and remember the material visually, this will certainly help them in the learning process. With this act we showed our unselfish intention in providing assistance and support to those who need it” – said Nada Pavićević, PR of CGES. The Resource Center for education and rehabilitation of persons with hearing and speech disorders in Kotor is of multidisciplinary character, which means that besides raising and education, habilitation, rehabilitation, sensor integration, it deals also with health and social care. It uses modern technology and methodology in its work. The institution is equipped also with classic apparatus, specialized acoustic technic, both for individual and group work appropriate for type of hearing impairment.