A new remote monitoring and control system (SCADA)


The project includes procurement and implementation of new SCADA system.


The project of implementing the new SCADA system contains of two subprojects:

  • New SCADA sistem – includes procurement and implementation of new SCADA/EMS system. The objective of the project is to form a supervision-control architecture that shall consist of two parallel independent centers in main and backup configuration, on two physically separated locations, National Dispatching Center (NDC) and backup dispatching center (RDC).
  • For the subproject – New SCADA system, a tender procedure was carried out for selection of most favourable bidder for implementation of the system.

    Contract was signed in June 2016 with the Institute Mihailo Pupin from Belgrade. 
  • Equipping of facilities for remote supervision and control

This subproject is underway. In October 2015, a contract was signed with the company Eminent LLC from Podgorica. With the aim of forming two completely independent configurations of the existing and new SCADA/EMS system, in the first phase of the project implementation of the new SCADA/EMS system the Purchaser will prepare all facilities to connect them to the new system. Preparation of facilities, including installation of new RTUs in 28 facilities as the first phase of the project implementation of the new SCADA/EMS system in redundant configuration in locations of NDC (national dispatch centre) and RDC (back-up dispatch centre), envisages the construction of completely new system independent from the existing one. With regard to the communication with control centres, the new system is planned to be completely based on protocol IEC 60870-5-104. Communication at substation level is envisaged by protocol IEC 61850. Currently, there are 17 substations with new RTUs installed in test SCADA platform situated in NDC and RDC.


Principled scheme of planned configuration of the completely new SCADA/EMS system is shown in the picture.


Expected benefits from the project are:

  • upgrading the system of monitoring and control over the electric power system of Montenegro in ENTSO-E interconnection;
  • increasing operational safety and reliability of the transmission system of Montenegro in real time;
  • the timely identification of potential disorders liable to endanger safe and stable operation of the electric power system of  Montenegro and the entire interconnection;
  • ensuring that the corrective measures are taken to prevent disorders in real time.

The total project value is about 4,5 million.


The project completion is planned in 2018.