Overhead Line 400 kV Čevo - Pljevlja


The project 400 kV OHL Čevo-Pljevlja includes the construction of the section 400 kV overhead line from Čevo to Pljevlja in the length of about 115 km, out of which a double-circuit line (400 + 110 kV) is from Brezna to Kosanice in the length of 40 km. This project includes the connection of SS Brezna and SS Žabljak at 110 kV voltage level. The project is implemented in compliance with the obligations set forth by the Project Coordination Agreement on the interconnection between the electric power systems of Italy and Montenegro, so that the 110 kV transmission network is not a “bottleneck” in the implementation of development plans of both the coastal area and the northern area of Montenegro.


Works are being performed on the construction of access roads and foundations in the section Čevo-Brezna-Njegovuđa, as well as on providing conditions for the performance of works in other sections (development of project documents, resolution of property and legal relations, etc.). The 50% of equipment was delivered which is needed for the construction of works has been performed (towers, insulators, wires, etc.).

Contractor is Consortium Energoinvest/Energomontaža.

The project objective is to construct the electric power infrastructure on the territory of Montenegro, which would create conditions for connecting the electric power systems of Italy and Montenegro, alleviate difficulties in electricity delivery at the transmission level in the coastal area of Montenegro and ensure connection of SS Žabljak and SS Brezna at 110 kV voltage level, thereby improving security of power supply to the consumers of the northern area of Montenegro. This would make the electric power system of Montenegro more stable and reliable reducing the impact of neighboring electric power systems in case of huge disorders.

The project implementation includes the following subprojects:

  • SS 400/110/35 kV Lastva (2x300 MVA);
  • OHL 400 i 2x 400 kV OHL Lastva-Čevo;
  • OHL 400/ 400+110 kV OHL Čevo-Pljevlja.

The major project benefits are:

  • fulfilling n-1 security criterion in case of 500-1000 MW transits via submarine cable;
  • reliable power supply of the consumers in the coastal area of Montenegro;
  • improving voltage and reactive conditions;
  • connecting the interconnection between Montenegro and Italy by submarine cable;
  • load-shedding of transmission capacity in the coastal area;
  • improving voltage and reactive conditions in the 400 kV network of Montenegro;
  • reducing losses in transmission network (by higher utilization of 400 kV network);
  • providing double-sided power supply of SS Brezna and SS Žabljak.

 The estimated value of the entire project is about 105 million €.

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