System for microprocessor protection of transmission system components

System for microprocessor protection of transmission system components

With the aim of following the latest advances in control and protection systems, all CGES substations are planned to be equipped with microprocessor devices for protection and control. CGES had previously completed (other investment project) reconstruction of protection systems in the 400 kV network.

The project is implemented in the following phases:

  • reconstruction of 220 kV and 110 kV protection systems in SS Podgorica 2, SS Pljevlja 2, SS Ribarevine and SS Mojkovac;
  • reconstruction of the system for protection, control and own consumption in SS 220/110/35 kV Podgorica 1;
  • reconstruction of protection and control system in the remaining part of 110 kV network.

Expected benefits from the project are:

  • reducing duration of no-load break due to unreliable operation of protection systems;
  • improving operating capability of the electric power system of Montenegro.

The total project value is about 6 million.

The project is in the initial implementation phase and the Contractor is the company Elnos.

First phase of the project is completed and activities are being performed on preparation of technical specifications for the other phases.

Completion of the second project phase is planned in 2017.


Completion of the third project phase is planned in 2018.