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About the project


Duration: 2017 - 2022

Budget: €24.5 million funded by the European Union through the German development bank- Kreditanstaltfür-Wiederaufbau (KfW)

National partners: Ministry of Economy on behalf of Montenegro as Beneficiary and CGES as Project Executing Agency

'Trans-Balkan Electricity Corridor (I) - Grid Section in Montenegro - Part II' project is the second part of a larger project with the full title “Trans-Balkan Electricity Corridor (I) – Grid Section in Montenegro” that aims to increase the cross-border transmission of electrical energy between Montenegro and Serbia, domestic transmission of electrical energy, efficiency of the transmission system in Montenegro by reduction of technical loses on transmission level and the security of the electric power supply in Montenegro by reduction of annual average outage hours of electricity supply in transmission system substations in western coastal part of Montenegro.

Part II of the project is divided into four components:

C1: Replacement of high voltage equipment and other equipment in several high voltage substations.

C2: Reconstruction of control and protection systems and the integration of several existing substations into SCADA communication.

C3: Replacement existing 220kV OHL with new 400kV OHL from Pljevlja 2to Montenegrin border and extension of 400kV switchyard in substation Pljevlja 2.

C4: Integration of SS 110/35 kV Brezna and associated transmission line into the public transmission grid.



What have been done so far 

  1. July 2016

    Signing of Financing Agreement between KfW, Montenegro (Ministry of Economy) and CGES

  2. May 2017

    Signing of Separate Agreement between KfW and CGES

  3. August 2017

    Signing of Grant and responsibilities assignment Agreement between Montenegro (Ministry of Economy) and CGES

  4. October 2017

    Signing of Contract for consulting services between Lahmeyerin in consortium with South East Europe Consultants International GmbH and CGES

  5. May 2018

    CGES publishes the Invitation for Pre-qualification of Bidders/Contractors to procure works and goods required for implementation of the "Trans-Balkan Electricity Corridor (I) - Grid Section in Montenegro - Part II" project (Components 1&2)







What is the Western Balkans Investment Framework

The Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF) is a financing facility launched in December 2009 by the European Commission, together with the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the European Investment Bank (EIB), bilateral donors, and Western Balkans countries with the purpose to deliver funding for strategic investment projects in beneficiary countries. Eligible sectors include infrastructure development within the environment, energy, transport and social sectors as well as private sector development. 

WBIF in Montenegro: https://www.wbif.eu/wbif-projects




Ministry of Economy of Montenegro

Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro

KreditanstaltfürWiederaufbau (KfW)




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