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Energy Identification Codes (EICs)


An Energy Identification Code (EIC) represents a unique code that is assigned to all participants in the domestic and European electricity market, as well as to all facilities that are part of an electricity transmission system (overhead lines, generation units, substations, meters). EICs are assigned for the purpose of unambiguous identification of registered participants or facilities and must be unique in the European electricity market.

The Local Issuing Office (LIO) for issuing EICs in the territory of Montenegro is CGES. To assign an EIC, it is necessary to fill in the application for the issuance of an EIC and send the completed application electronically to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. After a duly completed application, LIO CGES will create a code, check its validity, report it to the Central Issuing Office (CIO) and make it publicly available on the ENTSO website:


You can get more detailed information about EICs on the website:


Registration of participants for the allocation of cross-border capacities

The allocation of annual, monthly and daily capacities is performed on the borders with Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Italy. The Coordination Auction Office in South East Europe (SEE CAO) is responsible for the allocation of cross-border capacities on the borders with Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Italy, while joint auctions for cross-border capacities are carried out on the border with Serbia, with EMS being responsible for the allocation of annual and monthly capacities, while CGES carries out daily and intraday allocations.

For registration in the allocation procedure, it is necessary to duly fill in all the forms that are an integral part of the rules for capacity allocation and can be found on the website:


Applications for registration should be sent by mail to the address:

CGES - National Dispatch Centre,

Division for Short-term Planning, Market Operations and Calculations 

Moskovska 39, 81 000 Podgorica


You can contact us by phone for more information:

Tel: 00 382 20 414 762

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